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Welcome to Heated Motorcycle Clothing where you can buy heated gloves, heated vests, heated gloveliners. Keeping the cold at bay is a major consideration for you, especially considering that for every mile per hour the temperature falls one degree. On top of this, if you suffer from circulation difficulties and/or a low temperature tolerance then you will be badly affected.

Heated clothing is designed to counteract the worst effects of freezing temperatures. Why not check out our shop and find the product you need?

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We sell an amazing range of heated motorcycle gear including heated vests and tabbards, heated socks, heated motorcycle gloves, leather motorcycle gloves, and heated gloveliners!

Feel free to browse through our online store!

"Hi Jack, new gloves arrived and are perfect. Yesterday I crashed my bike. Tried to stop for a red light, hit some black ice. Next thing I know I'm sliding along under the bike. Not a good experience! I was wearing the new G4 gloves. I noticed a small tear in the gauntlet under the left wrist (I went down on my left side) No other damage to hands or gloves! So the gloves worked perfectly, as to heat and protection. Job well done!"
"Hi Jack, just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding communication, it is a credit to you. I first contacted you with regards to your heated gloves as I have Raynauds disease, and I work in a cold store distribution centre. I have just received these gloves and they are perfect! Thank you!"
Customer from UK
Miss C D - ASDA (cold storage)