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Vezzoo Carbon-Fibre Vest

Sizing note: the Vezzoo sizing errs on the small side so if you normally take Large, best order Extra-Large. Do check the Size Guide.

The name Vezzoo derives from Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano. The reason is clear when you switch on your Vezzoo. The heat produced is phenomenal.
That's the way Warmthru designed it using the latest carbon-fibre heat technology. Conductive fabric replaces heat elements - it's more comfortable, hotter and less prone to failure than conventional systems, boasting four fabric patches - two on your chest, two on your back, all powered by a single 7.4v battery which will last 4.5 hours in continuous use at the highest setting (red), 45c, 8 hours on amber, 39c, 12 hours on green, 34c.
Don't try to connect Vezzoo to your 12v bike battery, it's not going to happen. Your Vezzoo is proudly different, working both on and off-bike from a single, portable battery, significantly reducing the hassle factor of connecting up to your 12v.

Heated Clothing |  Heated Vests

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