G6 WATERPROOF Hyperion FingerheatersG6 WATERPROOF Hyperion Fingerheaters  Ref: PE-G6FH
G6 Hyperion Fingerheaters

Hyperion was one of 10 Titans of Greek Mythology, he was the Lord of Light and Titan of the East. It is fitting, therefore, that we should name our newly developed, fifth generation, powerful G5 (Hyper-ion) Fingerheater Gloves after him.

G6 Fingerheaters do just what their name implies - they heat fingers and they also heat hands. Powered by Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries they have been redesigned to be more efficient, with some impressive new features such as Carbon Fibre heating technology and multi-voltage battery flexibility (use them with either 3.7V batteries, 7.4V batteries or a combination of each.

G6 Fingerheaters are waterproof and windproof. Great for hillwalkers, yachtpersons, outdoor sports enthusiasts, sport fans, hunters, photographers...the list is endless, but I should also mention senior citizens many of whom suffer from circulation difficulties such as Raynauds.

Heat-wise, in tests, they reached a staggering temperature, 44-87c. The wide range is due to the two possible combinations of batteries: 2 x 3.7V; 1x 3.7V and 1x3.7V. The 7.4V has a heat control which extends the possibilities. Using the Heat Control on the 7.4V further extends the possibile temperatures - it is not recommended to use over 50% (options are 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) as the temperature can reach 100C+. Only in the coldest conditions, where battery performance may be reduced ( -16C) would you consider going higher.

All in all, we have really been listening to what our customers have been saying. Many of the above changes are responses to customer comments.